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ballet in five parts

Libretto by Ilya Dadashidze and Rafiga Akhundova

1971   25'

   I.   Preludio
   II.  Adagietto
   III. Scerzino
   IV.  Tema con variazioni
   V.   Rondoletto (finale) timp – quartetto d’archi soli –

Premiere – Azerbajdzhanian Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after M.F.Akhundov
Baku, Azerbajdzhan
Conductor Rauf Abdullaev
Staged by – Rafiga Akhundova and Maksud Mamedov
Decorated by – Tair Tairov

Performance in Baku. Booklet cover (English)

By freely interpreting the themes of Scarlatti's sonatas and using the technique of modern musical writing, the composer, in cooperation with producers and the artist, has created a quite new and unique item which symbolically represents, in music, dance and color, the idea of a kaleidoscope.

Having no definite intrigue, "Kaleidoscope" differs to a great extent from most plotless ballets in that it is not confined to a change of dancing patterns, to dances for the sake of dancing, as was characteristic of the former ballets of this type. in both choreography and music, the authors try not only to solve new problems of ballet technique but they also strive for true romanticism of scenic representation.

The apparent absence of an intrigue in "Kaleidoscope" has, in fact. more affinity with lyric poetry where the absence of narrative elements is compensated by dynamics, development and intensity of feeling.

The way from the simple to complex, the strive for clear geometric order, the change of not only dances but also emotional states, the transition from one "kaleidoscopic" pattern to another – these are the motifs that constitute the poetical content of the ballet.


Performance in Baku. Booklet cover (Russian)

Используя достижения современной камерной оркестровки, полифонии, гармонии, Ф.Караев чутко и корректно интерпретирует музыку Д.Скарлатти. Причем композитор сумел пройти мимо популярных тем Д.Скарлатти, выбрав, главным образом, наименее известные из них, но отвечающие общему замыслу. Именно эти новаторские черты и делают музыку балета сугубо индивидуальной и оригинальной.

Савелий Гуреев
«Молодежь Азербайджана» 27.02.71.

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