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1967 sonata #2 for piano
1967 concerto grosso in memory of anton webern for chamber orchestra
1969 the shadows of gobustan ballet
1971 kaleidoscope ballet
1974 concerto for piano and chamber orchestra
1976 sonata for two players
1978 journey to love monoopera
1980 tristessa II for two orchestras
la quinta del sordo (goya), symphony for large orchestra, boys choir, and mixed choir (in collaboration with kara karaev)
1982 tristessa I (the farewell symphony) for chamber orchestra
i bade farewell to mozart on the karlov bridge in prague for orchestra
1983 ‘1791’ for orchestra

waiting for... scenic music
1984 iп memoriam... suite for string quartet in memory of alban berg

...a crumb of music for george crumb, for ensemble.
1987 terminus for solo cello
1988 chamber concerto for five instrumental players
1989 klänge einer traurigen nacht for ensemble
...alla ‘nostalgia’ chamber concerto in memory of andrey tarkovsky
1990 four postludes for orchestra
the (moz)art of elite postludio for orchestra
postludio I for piano.
postludio II for piano, double bass and string quartet
aus... three fragments for clarinet/bassethorn/bass clarinet and vibraphone/marimba
1991 der stand der dinge for ensemble
musik für die stadt forst for two pianos
postludio III
1993 ist es genug?.. for ensemble and tape

postludium IV-VII for different instrumental groups
1997 musik für jacqueline und peter for vibraphone/marimba and piano
‘...monsieur bee line – eccentric’ for piano
xütbə, muğam və surə for ensemble
1998 5 stücke mit kanons v. arnold schönberg for ensemble
(k)ein kleines schauspiel for two guitars and bass flute
...a crumb of music for george crumb, for ensemble.
1999 schöncheit – utopie? for solo guitar
2000 are you alive yet, herr minister?! for solo violin
ton und verklärung for orchestra and tape
2001 verklärung und tod for orchestra and tape
malheur me bat for voice and guitar
cancion de cuna for soprano and ensemble, lyrics by federico garcia lorca
are you alive yet, herr minister??!! for ensemble
malheur me bat for two choruses a cappella
postludio VIII for clarinet, piano and string quartet behind the stage
2002 babylon tower for ensemble
outsider little performance on ivan akhmetiev's text
2003 stafette for percussion ensemble
malheur me bat for two marimbas and two vibraphones
postludio IX for vibraphone/bells, and organ
drei bagatellen for solo piano and five (six) instruments
…monsieur bee line – eccentric or Are you alive yet, herr minister???!!! for flute and piano / flute, bass clarinet and piano

monsieur bee line – eccentric or Are you alive yet, herr minister???!!!
for flute and piano / flute, bass clarinet, and piano
2004 postludio X für ensemble reconsil wien
for piano, clarinet and flute, trombone, violin and cellobehind the stage
ceremonial fanfares on the opening of the world days of music in switzerland
for solo trombone
konzert für orchester und sologeige

postludio VIIIa for clarinet, piano and violin and cello behind the stage
hommage à alexei lubimov. musique de claude debussy, poésie de stéphane mallarmé for ensemble
2008 iп memoriam... suite. arrangement for chamber orchestra
2009 vingt après — nostalgie…, concerto for orchestra
2010 schnell zu/g vergangenheit oder ist eine alte musik schon/auch k/eine musik?/!, for three groups
2011 postludio VIIIb for clarinet, piano and violin, viola and cello behind the stage
postludio XI for piano, string quartet, and choir behind the stage
terminus II for six cellos
2012 tale of tales, or yesterday's tomorrow for ensemble and soprano solo
2013 épitaphe à witold lutosławski
for bass flute, double bass and string quartet
konzert für orchester und sologeige
version for chamber orchestra
2014 der botschafter ist bereits nach jaffa abgereist
for ensemble
2015  postludio XII
for piano, vibraphone, and string quartet behind the stage
last postlude – post…
for piano, vibraphone, double bass, and string quartet behind the stage
2022 memorial
for orchestra

arrangements of other composers' works

for symphony orchestra

2007  kara karaev. violin sonata
quasi uno concerto (violin concerto #2)
2007  kara karaev. 'statue from tsarskoe selo'
quasi una fantasia
2017  claude debussy. CAnope, FEux d'artifice, 'GENERAL LAVINE' — eccentric: café 'general lavine'
2018  аrnold schönberg. pierrot lunaire


for chamber orchestra or instrumental ensemble

1978  qara qarayev. sonatina for piano
quasi una sonatina
1991  alexander skriabin. tenth sonata
1998  kara karaev. string quartet #2
quasi uno concerto grosso
2004  аrnold schönberg. erwartung
2008  alban berg. violin concerto
2008  qara qarayev. violin concerto
2010  arthur lourie. syntheses
2019  alban berg. maria's lullaby from the opera wozzek


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